October is Clergy Appreciation Month. WNZR helps you honor your pastor!




WNZR is celebrating Clergy Appreciation Month throughout October. This month is a time to honor our local pastors and their commitment to families in our community.



Each Friday, 5 local pastors will be honored on The Morning Thing (at approximately 7:30am). Our morning show hosts will share their names and churches along with comments from their church family.



Each pastor that is mentioned will receive a $20.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant to enjoy a dinner out with family. Each pastor will ALSO receive the new book “Don’t Give Up” from Kyle Idleman, from City on a Hill Productions.

In the Don’t Give Up book, bestselling author and Pastor Kyle Idleman encourages us to cast our concerns on God, trust in His love and timing, and pray for patience and strength. Kyle explores how we can persevere through our most difficult trials and situations, featuring five true testimonies of individuals who have learned to lean on and trust in God during their darkest moments.




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Thanks to these restaurants for donating gift certificates for our pastor dinners:

The Southside Diner (week #1 – Friday 10/4)

The Alcove Restaurant (week #2 – Friday 10/11)


North Main Café – (week #3 – Friday 10/18)

Mazza’s Restaurant….(week #4 – Friday 10/25)


We will ALSO put ALL nominated pastors into a drawing for a GRAND PRIZE for Clergy Appreciation Month! The Grand Prize is an overnight stay in a standard room at the Mount Vernon Grand Hotel (Value $100)!












































































WNZR thanks our prize donors for the Clergy Appreciation Month Contest:


Mount Vernon Grand Hotel



The Southside Diner



The Alcove Restaurant



North Main Café



Mazza’s Restaurant






 Congratulations to the winning pastors of Week #1 of Clergy Appreciation Month.


Each of these pastors will receive a $20 gift certificate to The Southside Diner plus Kyle Idleman’s new book “Don’t Give Up” from City on a Hill Productions.



Pastor Marvin Haught of Brandon Baptist Church

Comments about Marvin - Pastor Haught really cares if people know Jesus as their Lord and Savior! He allows God to use his actions and words to reach the unsaved wherever he is or whatever he does. Pastor Marvin is never too busy to stop and pray with you!



Pastor Clarence Hensel of Brandon United Methodist Church

Comments about Clarence - God sent Pastor Hensel specifically for our church. He is the perfect fit. He preaches the Bible, his sermons are inspiring and challenging. He loves everyone in the congregation, and he loves God. God is in all Clarence is and does. We are blessed!


Pastor Richard Hite of The Church On The Rise in Mount Vernon

Comments about Richard – Pastor Hite is loved because he is kind, caring, hardworking and not afraid to preach the truth even if it steps on toes. He cares very much for his congregation and is never too busy to just stop and listen to anyone in his flock.  He works a full time job and does not get paid to preach. He is someone who is humble and gives of himself and his means whenever he can.  Richard is a veteran and served in Vietnam for two years and as a result he has diabetes from Agent Orange….but that does not stop him from fervently serving the community of Knox County through one of the biggest food pantries in the county and preaching and teaching wherever he goes.  He is great and every age group loves him. He deserves to be honored!


Pastor Adam Pursel of LifePoint Church Mount Vernon   

Comments about Adam - Pastor Pursel is truly appreciated! When he gives the sermon, he always makes it very interesting and you want to know more about his topics. He is a caring pastor that will take the time to talk to anyone struggling. Adam is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He has a great ministry with MVNU students and in the community. He is a great leader!



Pastor Howard Clevenger of Zion Lutheran Church in Danville

Comments about Howard - Pastor Clevenger brings the love and forgiveness of Jesus in every message that he preaches. He brings a powerful message each week that allows his congregation to get closer to the Lord. His congregation says that they leave the services feeling uplifted and closer to Jesus in their hearts.



  Congratulations to the winning pastors of Week #2 of Clergy Appreciation Month.


Each of these pastors will receive a $20 gift certificate to The Alcove Restaurant plus Kyle Idleman’s new book “Don’t Give Up” from City on a Hill Productions.



Captain Christine Moretz of the Mount Vernon Salvation Army

Comments about Christine - Pastor Christine puts others before herself! She is a hard working godly woman! She loves others no matter what they do or say just as Jesus loves them! She is an amazing and loving pastor! God placed her in Mount Vernon at the right time and through her God is working in us all!!




Pastor Gerald Eicher of Mohican Valley Door Of Hope in Danville

Comments about Gerald – Pastor Eicher is a really great Pastor! He loves God and it shows by how he leads our church! Gerald cares about everyone and is always wanting to help everyone! One quality Gerald has is to be able to show empathy and compassion! He is a great leader and we are glad that God lead Gerald and his wife Grace and their family to be a part of our church!




Pastor Robbie Bonar of 16:15 SK8 Ministry in Walhonding

Comments about Robbie – Pastor Robbie dedicates his time in service for the Lord. His ministry has helped many kids that might not have had the chance to hear to Gospel or felt rejected by Christians. His ministry is a shining light and reaches folks in a unique way through skate boarding. His ministry holds a skateboarding bible study Tuesday nights at the Mount Vernon Skate Park. His dedication to spreading the Gospel is truly a blessing to our community.




Pastor Greg Weyrich of Vineyard Church of Knox County

Comments about Greg – Pastor Greg is awesome. He speaks the truth from the Word of God and models the love of Jesus in his life. He is a spiritual coach and has a gift of spreading love with a hug. His messages are convicting, leading to a call to action with urgency to share Jesus with the world. We are blessed by and grateful for Pastor Greg.




Pastor Richard Hasley of Fredericktown United Methodist

Comments about Richard – Pastor Hasley is an amazing preacher who preaches the Word with passion.  His sermons always provide food for thought and encourage us to be better people.  He is also one of the kindest gentlemen you would ever meet. He sincerely loves his people and shows gentleness and compassion at all times.    During the past year, Pastor Hasley has led his congregation through a huge building addition project.  Although there were bumps in the road, he led by example and spent many of his own hours demolishing walls, painting, moving furniture, and performing any other task that needed done.  Despite the dust and mess, he made sure that church services happened each week and that ministry went on as usual.  Pastor Hasley's wife Janice enhances his ministry.  She provides energy and enthusiasm and connects with each person that walks through the door.  Fredericktown United Methodist Church is blessed to have Richard and Janice Hasley!


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