If you want to donate by phone, please call: 740-392-9090
How to give to WNZR through the MVNU website: At the bottom of this page, there is a link to donate to WNZR using MVNU’s website. Follow these directions in order to ensure that your donation reaches its destination: ① Go to the section titled, “Please select gift designation here.” ② Use the drop down arrow to choose WNZR as the description. ③ Enter the amount of your gift and the recurring frequency (i.e. One Time Only, Monthly, Quarterly, Twice Yearly, Yearly). ④ Press Calculate Total. ⑤ In the “Gift to be Used for” field, write “Lifeline 2018.” ⑥ Complete the section titled, “Donor Information.” ⑦ Enter your payment information. ⑧ Click Proceed to Confirmation. ⑨ Confirm your gift.