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GOAL: $64,000
Current Total: $75,523.10 BACK TO WNZR.FM
With your support, we can continue to reach our community with the awesome message of Christ and His love! Thank you for all you have done to support WNZR through prayer and finances.
The NEEDS for Lifeline 2019: The total costs to operate WNZR on a day-to-day basis over a 12 month period are usually in the $120,000 range. This does NOT include Joe and Marcy Rinehart’s salaries. Marcy is a full-time staff member of Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Joe is a full-time faculty member. The costs to operate the station include basics like electric at the studio and the transmitter site, our backup generators, telephone/data, paper, printing and photocopies. They also include our now full-time Office Manager/Underwriting Coordinator, Wesley Boston, student staff, made up of around 8-10 Leadership Team members, 4-5 summer staff members and students who fill in during holiday breaks. Our costs include the contracting of the services of a digital radio engineer who helps us maintain FCC compliance. Those costs include our contracts with companies like the Associated Press news service, software providers, music licensing fees through ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, and our online streaming music license fees. Our costs also include the travel and staffing of MVNU sports broadcasts you hear on WNZR. And it also includes maintenance of the equipment we use to broadcast to Knox County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. And we can’t do it without you! Many people have asked why a university radio station has to raise funds. Don’t we receive a budget from MVNU? Absolutely! But that budget only covers about 15% of those expenses, allowing the station to provide a quality academic laboratory for students. You see, WNZR and the radio broadcasting program are only one of a number of vital programs to MVNU and its broad liberal arts curriculum. Every program needs operating funds, so they are shared across campus. Now, we could take that budget and simply do the basics to get by. But WNZR’s desire is to go beyond being a typical college radio station and be a ministry to the community. We want our students to experience a real, everyday application of fulfilling MVNU’s mission: shaping lives by educating with an emphasis on Christ-likeness, learning and service. We also feel this approach is the best way for our students to learn the skills they need to be relevant communicators in a world that needs the good news of Jesus Christ! So…people and resources are needed to accomplish this goal. Consider that if WNZR had a staff of just 3 full time people, their salaries and benefits alone would easily top that $120,000 mark. Our goal is to be good stewards of MVNU’s support, sponsor support, and listener support. And with your response to Lifeline fundraisers over the years, you’ve sent us a STRONG message: keep doing what you’re doing! But we need your continued partnership! Because of YOU, over the last 20 years, we have been able to grow pledged listener support from $4,600 in 1996 to over $66,000 last year! Because of YOU, we were able to purchase the equipment and gain the license to begin and maintain online streaming, plus have smartphone apps! Because of YOU, we were able to update and renovate our on-air studio in 2005. This was a $31,000 project! Because of YOU, we were able to purchase new sports broadcast equipment, allowing us to broadcast both men’s and women’s games on-air and online. We have also been able to make continued improvements in our live audio and video streaming of MVNU sports. Because of YOU, we are able to hire a summer staff that keeps WNZR strong and active even when classes aren’t in session…covering Knox County’s summer events like First Fridays, Centerburg’s Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival, the Knox County Fair, the Dan Emmett Music & Arts Festival and the Fredericktown Tomato Show. Because of YOU, we are able to employ students each year to serve on our Leadership Team, working part-time around their studies to gain valuable experience while furthering the outreach of WNZR. Because of YOU, we purchased and outfitted a station van (Big Blue) in 2009 to allow us to increase and improve our remote broadcasts! Because of you, we were able to replace all the station’s music and archiving computers in the summer and fall of 2010. This has to be done every 5-7 years. Because of YOU, we were able to gather the resources needed to stay on the air during the massive ‘derecho’ storm in summer 2012 and continue to broadcast. We also were able to replace or repair equipment damaged in that storm to improve our status for future storms! AND…because of YOU, we were able to gain permission and licensing from the FCC to increase our broadcast signal, and purchase the equipment necessary for this upgrade free and clear of interest payments! This became official May 21, 2010. SO, WHAT ARE THE NEEDS FOR 2019 AND BEYOND??? 75% of the salary for our Office Manager. This full-time position allows Marcy to focus more on the programming and management responsibilities at the station. WNZR covers the salary and MVNU will cover the benefit package. COST: $16,500 Financial support of our WNZR Student Leadership Team during the school year, summer and breaks (approximately $40,000). This includes student hosts on The Morning Thing and The Afternoon Drive. Replacing or repairing old or faulty equipment. COST: $2,000 Online music streaming fees. COST: $600 Lifeline printing and mailing. COST: $800 Website and smartphone app services. COST: $4,000