Front Row: Gerod Harder, Daria Swisher, Alexander Young, Danielle Zoellner, Rachel Rinehart, Abby Fairless, Marcy Rinehart, Joe Rinehart Middle Row: James Hubbard, Jordan Lewis, Brooke Schnipke, Lilly Buckley, Aubrey Bailey, Hannah Radke, Christa Adams, Bethany Waal Back Row: Matt Harden, Justin Deckling, Trevor Moore, Kelsey Bryte, Raistlin Graber, Josh Pope, Dan Monnin, Eddie Dilts, Cameron Davidson, Jaxon Yoder, Brooke Bower, Nathan Parker, Jenna Potts Click on a name above to listen to our testimony.
Join us for a Day of Prayer and Praise on Wednesday, March 29! From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., we will break from regular programming to spend the day praising the Lord and praying for the needs of our community. Please be part of this special day. Fill out the form below.