Congratulations to our

“Take Dad to Dinner” Winners


Don’t forget to honor Dad this Sunday! It’s Father’s Day!  WNZR wants to congratulate our 4 winners in the “Take Dad to Dinner” contest. Congratulations to:


Greg Blubaugh of Bellville


Greg’s son Sawyer nominated him. He says that he loves his Dad because he works really hard to provide for the family without complaining. Sawyer says that his Dad has taught him to work hard at everything he does and to always do your best. Sawyer also says that his Dad has helped him in his spiritual walk with God.


Robert Lee of Mount Vernon


Robert’s daughter Megan nominated him. She says that her Dad is the most incredible Dad ever. When she was little, he made the sacrifice of staying home just to watch her and make sure that she was safe and raised right. Megan says that her Dad always made sure the she succeeded in whatever she decided to do. Robert just recently had surgery and he’s having a rough recovery. Megan is excited to be

able to take him out to dinner.


Greg Lust of Mount Vernon


Greg’s daughter Ashlyn nominated him. She says that the reason she wants to take her Dad out to dinner is that she wants to repay him for all the things he has done for her and her brother Aric. Greg has always supported his kids by watching them play sports. Aric is in baseball and basketball, and Ashlyn has dance competitions that sometimes takes her out of state. Ashlyn says that her generous Dad is willing to stay behind (at home) to take care of the animals while the rest of the family

travels.  Ashlyn also wants to also thank her Dad for serving our country for many years in the military. Ashlyn and Aric both say that Greg is the best Dad that they could ever ask for.


Todd McClay of Fredericktown


Todd’s kids, Holly and Ben, nominated him. They shared with us that there are countless reasons that they love their dad, but the main two reasons are his Godly foundation for their family and his constant joy. Todd always emphasizes the importance of making God the focus of your life. He demonstrates this lesson to his kids in a way that they have a desire to follow God’s leading in their own lives. Throughout their 19 and 22 years, Todd has remained a role model. He devotes time toward reading God's word, praying, joining in fellowship with other believers, and evangelizing through his Godly example. His joy is a divine example of one way he represents the Lord. He is always seen with a smile or laugh. (Anyone who knows him can agree to this). He truly has the joy of the Lord, and he reaches so many people through that fruit of the spirit. Holly and Ben say that they are so blessed to have Todd McClay as their Dad!


Our 4 winning dads will each receive:


  • $25 gift certificate to The Joint in downtown Mount Vernon
  • $20 gift certificate to Gospel Christian Life Shop on South Main Street
  • DVD copy of the movie I Can Only Imagine, the true story behind the song from MercyMe.
  • One copy of I Can Only Image: A Memoir by Bart Millard and Robert Nolend
  • One copy of the audio CD I Can Only Imagine: The Very Best of MercyMe.



Make sure to get in touch with YOUR Dad this weekend. Tell him how much you love

him. Happy Father’s Day from WNZR!



WNZR thanks the following businesses for their partnership in
Take Dad to Dinner!


The Joint


Gospel Christian Life Shop