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GOAL: $64,000
Current Total: $75,523.10 BACK TO WNZR.FM
Over the past 32 years, WNZR has made a daily effort to share the love of God and His faithfulness through Christian music and programs. The support of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, combined with your prayer and financial giving, has allowed our radio station to grow and reach new people every day. We are grateful for you! Last March, your response was incredible as we concentrated on ‘Fix Our Eyes,’ based on the song by for King and Country. We encouraged each other to focus not on the temporary, but the eternal. To allow our daily lives to be fueled by the promise of God’s everlasting glory and grace. To stand tall, love without fear and live for others! Your support of Lifeline 2018 has helped us maintain a year-round student staff, have a full-time office manager, meet FCC obligations, make equipment upgrades and replacements, and expand our reach through digital media. This year, our staff is embracing the theme God Is on the Move, a song by 7eventh Time Down, but also something we know to be true! The theme serves to remind us that God is moving. He is answering prayers and saving souls. He is building up servants. He is giving strength to those who are facing temptations or troubles and bringing light to the darkness. Most importantly, God is opening doors for His message to be told and shared like never before. At WNZR, we have been blessed with your support. It has allowed us to give MVNU students an incredible real-life classroom to learn and improve their skills; it has given us opportunities to expand our reach beyond the campus. But most importantly, it has allowed us to focus on what we're all about – providing a Christ-centered message that uplifts, strengthens and encourages you and your family. Your continued financial support of WNZR through Lifeline 2019 is vital. It helps us remember that despite our circumstances and sometimes even despite us, God is still moving through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are asking for your partnership in that endeavor. Please pray about becoming a ministry partner with WNZR. Lifeline 2019 is March 20 - 25 and we have set a goal of $64,000. Will you help us reach that goal? You can give right now, click You can also give by calling 740-392-9090 or send an email to If you are interested in automatic withdrawal from your bank, please tell the WNZR representative when you call or email. PRESS RELEASE CONTACT: Marcy Rinehart WNZR 90.9 FM (740) 392-9090 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WNZR's Lifeline 2019 coming soon MOUNT VERNON, Ohio - WNZR 90.9 FM, a broadcast ministry of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, is preparing for Lifeline 2019. This annual fundraising effort is an opportunity for listeners to pledge their support to WNZR. This year's goal is $64,000, and the theme is God Is On The Move, based on the song from 7eventh Time Down. The theme verses for Lifeline 2019 are Isaiah 43:18-19. Over these last few months, the WNZR staff has been moved and challenged by this song and this verse. "This theme has come to life for the WNZR Staff as we have had the privilege to share story after story of God’s faithfulness in our community," said Marcy Rinehart, WNZR Station Manager and co-host of The Morning Thing. "God is moving. He is answering prayers. He is saving souls. He is building up servants. He is giving strength to those that are facing temptations or troubles. He is bringing light to the darkness. And most importantly, God is opening doors for HIS message to be told and shared like never before in Knox County!" Lifeline 2019 will start on Wednesday, March 20 and run through Saturday, March 23 with a wrap-up day on Monday, March 25. "Our desire for WNZR's broadcast ministry is to extend a vision that began 32 years ago," said Joe Rinehart, MVNU's Director of Broadcasting and co-host of WNZR's Afternoon Drive. "We focus on broadcasting an uplifting message that encourages listeners and families on a daily basis. Your gift allows us to continue that effort. Your partnership is also an investment in our students to develop their communication skills and discover purpose in their lives." "WNZR has had a huge impact on my education and my life," said Todd McKinley, sophomore journalism and media production major from Fredericktown. "WNZR gives me a focal point for my skills and gifts to serve God in a highly effective way. The hands-on learning in this program has strengthened my skills while allowing me to serve others." Rachel Rinehart, a junior theatre/journalism and media production major from Mount Vernon, said, "God Is On The Move is a proclamation. It's saying that God is moving in our world, and in our community. As a station, we have seen so many amazing things happen as a result of God working and moving in our lives. When we feel like our lives are not what they are supposed to be, we are reminded that God is on the Move. He is here with us." Jehane Hoagland, a senior journalism and media production major from Grover Hill, Ohio, adds, "When I think of God being on the move, I think about God working through transitions in life. A lot of people see change as a bad thing, but I see it as God making things happen. Even in painful situations, God is there. He is on the move during the worst of times. Sometimes we don’t understand why change and transition happens, but it is often God on the move bringing about His Kingdom." Wednesday, March 20, is WNZR's annual "Day of Prayer and Praise." From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., the staff will focus on how God has provided for WNZR over the past 32 years. Listeners are encouraged to call the station throughout the day to share personal testimonies, prayer requests and praise reports. Fundraising for Lifeline 2019 begins on March 21, continues through March 25, and will emphasize WNZR's growth through listener support. Lifeline 2019 appreciation gifts will be given for donations at designated levels. Everyone making a donation will receive a Lifeline 2019 refrigerator magnet. Donors giving $10 per month will receive the official Lifeline 2019 tote bag featuring the God Is On The Move theme. The official Lifeline 2019 T-shirt will be given for gifts of $25 per month. A WNZR quarter-zip pullover will be given for donations of $50 per month. Many challenges and special events will be held during Lifeline 2019: The Lifeline Challenge encourages families to support WNZR's ministry and asks for a monthly donation of $25 over the next 12 months. The Lifeline Choice Challenge is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, from 4-7 p.m. Papa John’s Pizza, Southside Diner and Tim Horton’s have partnered with the station to offer gift certificates to donors. Matching Challenge Day is Friday, March 22. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., listeners will have a chance to have their pledge money doubled. Lifeline On The Road is Saturday, March 23, from 3-6 p.m. The Lifeline crew is going on the road to reach out to the community! We will be working for two food outreach initiatives in our community – feedtheVERN and Church on the Rise Food Pantry. feedtheVERN provides food every week throughout the school year to elementary school children in Mount Vernon who are in need. The Big Blue Crew will be packing bags that will be delivered to Mount Vernon elementary children. The goal is to pack 1,000-1,200 bags of food. The Church on the Rise Food Pantry provides monthly distribution of food to over 800 individuals in our community every third Saturday; plus emergency food distributions throughout each month. The Big Blue Crew will help in cleaning and organizing the food pantry. More details on these challenges and events can be found on the station's website, WNZR 90.9 FM is celebrating 32 years as Knox County's hometown Christian radio station. WNZR broadcasts contemporary Christian music, family-oriented programs, sports, news and weather 24 hours a day. All who wish to support Lifeline 2019 or who would like more information, please visit, or call WNZR at (740) 392-9090 during the March 20 – 25 fundraiser. Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a private, four-year, intentionally Christian teaching university for traditional age students, graduate students and working adults. With a 327-acre main campus in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and several convenient Graduate and Professional Studies locations throughout the state, MVNU emphasizes academic excellence, spiritual growth and service to community and church. MVNU offers an affordable education to more than 2,100 students from 28 states and 16 countries/U.S. territories. HERE.